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Difficult questions and answers for heat conduction silicon

simple comparison of &nbsp thermal grease and silicone film;

1: the coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity of thermal grease is higher than the thermal silica films, respectively 4.0-5.5w/m.k and 1.75-2.75w/m.k 

2. Insulation, thermal grease due to the addition of the metal powder poor insulation, heat-conducting silica sheets good insulation properties, thickness of 1mm electrical insulation index in more than 3000 volts.

3 forms: thermal grease for condensate paste; conductive silica gel sheet sheet.

4. Use: thermal grease need to carefully apply evenly, easy and smudgy peripheral devices and cause a short circuit; heat-conducting silica sheets can be arbitrarily cut, tore off the protective film is attached directly to use, small tolerance, clean.

5. Thickness: as filler gap thermal conductive materials, thermal grease restricted; varying thermal conductivity of silica gel film thickness 0.3-16mm, application scope wide.

6. The effect of heat conduction: thermal grease particles, easy to aging, thermal effect; thermal silicon because of weak elastic, greatly increase the heating body and a radiating the heat transfer area, fine processing technology complex, product stability performance is strong.

7. Price: thermal grease has been widely used, low price; heat-conducting silica sheets multi application of LED lighting, power supply, routers, switches, notebook computers, and other thin small precision electronic products, the price is a little high.     the common problem of thermal conducting silicon film question and answer  

Q: the general need to achieve the function of the heat is not SINK HEAT (metal fins)?

Answer: metal heat sink because of their own hard, when in contact with the IC if the installation angle and the contact pressure is not the average, conduction of the heat source will be effective to the heat sink, if in the second of the junction installing a heat conducting soft materials can effectively overcome lack of face-to-face contact.

Q: what is the time and application of the installation of thermal conductive silicone film?

Answer: Generally speaking if you design the electronic products in space and position have been unable to install fan and radiating metal films, can be borrowed by the thermal conductivity of silica gel film that is in direct contact with the IC and shell, directly borrow by heat conduction of the heat transfer to the external cold air, so as to achieve the heat dissipation effect.

the installation of silicone film on the electronic products are good?

Answer: most important products in addition to the function and stability is the, electronic parts, if the long-term in the environment of high temperature work its parts would be live daily decline, even cause damage, if in the IC added heat-conducting silica sheets to keep the working temperature in low temperature under the life of products will be effective in extension.

I have rarely seen the market in the sale of silicone film, nor do you have any information related to the material is the new product?

Answer: heat-conducting silica sheets always directly by the radiating module factory or electronics assembly plant directly into the products in use, general consumers less seen, but perhaps you can try to see your hand whether there is a CD-ROM or display card, the chip inside all have been used to heat conduction silicon film. (such as behind the drive motor control chip, a display above DRAM particles above all affixed with a heat-conducting silica sheets), now on some phones (Kexun mobile phone shell also use the heat-conducting silica sheets.

Q: is there any use of heat conduction in the table and notebook computer?

Answer: generally advertised low noise or no fan of Nb are all borrow by heat-conducting copper pipe and the heat conducting silicon film matching to achieve low noise or mute the effect, on the table type computer mainly using heat conduction position falls mostly in the South and the north bridge chip, DDR memory using the position of the heat conductive adhesive tape, CPU use heat-conducting silica sheets using thermal paste, power supply.     Q: the thermal conduction material causes the short-circuit between the electronic parts? &nbsp, a series of heat conduction materials are all insulation materials, the highest voltage resistance of up to thousands of volts, and will not cause damage to electronic components.

Q: do you have eight metals or harmful substances in your heat conduction material?

A: our full range of materials are tested by SGS testing company, so far all the harmful substances specified by customers are well below the standards.

Q: your material has passed UL safety regulations related to the inspection?

A: our thermal conductivity of silicone film fire rating are UL94V-0 please be assured that using our products.

Q: can provide back your material?
Answer: our conductive silicon film thermal conductivity and application of super high thermal conductivity type LG500 high thermal conductivity type, LG600, lc250 ordinary type (grey), thermal grease, potting heat conduction, thermal double-sided adhesive, thermal conductivity of graphite, phase change material thermal conductivity, thermal silicone caps, silicone tube, graphite thermal film.
Answer: our thermal conductivity silicone film comes with micro viscosity. Can facilitate customer positioning and heavy operation, to avoid tearing the material itself. To make the operator easy to take from the shell and the heat sink to take repeat use, please put down to use our products.