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Understanding of thermal conductivity silica gel

The composition and properties of a thermal conductive silica gel

Composition: silicone polymer, conductive filler, flame retardant filler, crosslinking agent and colorant.

Performance: thermal insulation, stability, anti-aging, process, flame retardant and self adhesive.

Application range: (1) transistor, chipset, IC controller (2) information processing (3) vehicle control components   (4) consumer electronics

Two, after a doubt to further understand the thermal conductivity of silicone

1, the thermal conductivity of silicone are mainly used in those parts?

directly used IC heat MOS inductor indirect heat sink

2, and compared with the thermal conductivity of silicone grease that point?

Convenient repair convenient installation and improve the efficiency of high clearance

3, how to choose the thickness of silicone silicone extremely hardness?

Support or displacement and reaction force considering the compression stability of PCB

in litter hardness and thickness flowability of assembly

4, temperature range? How to determine?

-40~200 was mainly determined by the properties of silica gel itself, according to the properties of silica gel itself.

5, the viscosity is adjustable?

The surface viscosity can be formulated in a certain range by adding chemical additives. The lower the hardness is, the higher the viscosity is

6, the general need to achieve the function of the heat is the metal heat sink?

Metal heat sink because of their own hard, when in contact with the IC if the installation and contact surface pressure does not mean. The heat source will not effective conduction to the heat sink, if the two connected surface and thermal conductivity,