Anti-fingerprint oil solution

Self drying glass anti fingerprint oil

Product Description:

Anti oil fingerprint - fingerprint resistant liquid - resistant fingerprint antifouling nano coating glass panel coating Pasdar chemical AF nano coating treatment is a combination of organic groups and with a reactive silane groups and fluorine coating. After contact with the substrate, the formation of 10-20nm thickness film, in order to strengthen the molecular structure, to ensure the substrate surface dirt, water repellent, scratch and other outstanding properties.

Product features:

Antifouling: prevent fingerprints and oil is not easy adhesion, easy erasing; 
Scratch: surface smooth, feel comfortable, not easy to scratch; 
Thin film: excellent optical performance, without changing the original texture; 
Wear resistance: has the true degree wear-resisting performance.

Test data

The water contact angle test: 
The wear resistance of the superior wear resistance over 3000 times

Durability test of AF coating, nano tip test conditions of antifouling coating agent used for: 

Dynamic friction coefficient

The coefficient of dynamic friction is another important criterion for the wear resistance of the AF anti fingerprint coating agent.. Touch, finger touch the glass is glass slide Pasdar dynamic friction tester, the measured dynamic friction coefficient is 0.03. Style= line-height: "> > > the smaller the coefficient of dynamic friction, the better the film smoothness, and feel better.

Test method: use (right) shown in the instrument, load 1KG, 10mm*30mm dust cloth, speed 1800mm/min.

Dynamic friction and water slide angle numerical comparison Pasdar AF coating agent common AF coating agent remarks dynamic friction coefficient of 0.03 to 0.07% use professional testing instrument and oleic acid sliding angle 2° 10° above slipped the minimum angle,

Spray process

The use of automatic spraying equipment can solve the following technical problems: 
1) coating uniformity, reduce the rate of 
; 2) to improve the wear resistance, adhesion of the film; 
3) save the cost and improve the capacity

By Pasdar matching spraying equipment can greatly improve the wear resistance of film, specifically by test data: 
The above data fully demonstrate the advantages of the technology brought by the use of the equipment, and can solve the difficult technical difficulties of the wet technology.. 
Nano spraying equipment (machine) production capacity of 
1 people 2 people operating the glass size operation notes 
3.5 inch glass 16K 22K per day in two classes, a total of 20 

Fingerprint nano coating agent process

1) glass for ultrasonic cleaning or plasma cleaning; 
2) spraying or coating anti fingerprint solution; 
3) placing the glass baking oven for 30 minutes at 120 degrees; 
4) then wash the packaging.

Application range:

TP glass cover, optical glass lens, monitor glass lens, ceramic bathroom, metal products