Anti-fingerprint oil solution

Anti fingerprint oil

Product Description:

Buddha paint (Shenzhen surface treatment agent is acrylic resin modified paint in addition to the superior performance of the coating, and to take into account environmental protection process, in appearance, texture and gloss can according to the requirements of the product characteristics and adjust the control, in mirror mobile phone, camera lenses, computer and TV touch touch screen, toughened glass, anti fingerprint and resistance to dirt application is very broad.

Application range:

Mobile phone and 3C industry, tempered glass, mobile phone touch screen, digital camera touch screen,

Product advantage:

] reduce fingerprint and all kinds of dirt attached, improve the wipe clean ability for cosmetics, grease with excellent tolerance < br / > ] excellent antifouling & middot; water repellent oil repellent & middot; not a good adhesion of the coating is apt to be worn (endurance times of up to more than 8000) < br / > After the formation of a coating antifouling transparent, does not affect the appearance of the product: 

Product information:

After the water repellency (water contact) 
) After the film hardness (on glass) Minimum 6H

Technical specification:

This appearance.. -.. 
has a special aroma. After the thermal stability. -.&nbsp; -. 
. Easy to burn No corrosive. And.. -.. 
minor. When the molecular weight of it. -. 48 0
This proportion (25 C) at 1.10. G / M (D I N 
No flash. -... 70 C (E N 22719): 

Shenzhen surface treatment agent debugging method:

I put the tempered glass of alcohol or ultrasonic cleaning, &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 
] the anti fingerprint oil drops to clean cloth, gently wipe the to the glass flow flat 0.5-1 min, in into the oven 80 degrees for 10 minutes, and then rubbing alcohol to surface dust, fine lines on it. 
It can also be baked in a clean room for 30 minutes, then the ultrasonic cleaning or alcohol, can be

Packing: 20KG/ barrel