Anti-fingerprint oil solution

PVD film water-based anti fingerprint oil

Stainless steel mobile phone shell anti fingerprint oil, zinc alloy PVD coating defence fingerprint solution, imitation metal plating, light fingerprint resistant paint, high middle and low grade stainless steel anti fingerprint agent, vacuum coating defence fingerprint oil,

Metal mobile shell anti fingerprint paint product features

1 can show the luster and texture of the metal itself, there will be no greasy feeling of the resin coating.

2, the environmental protection formula, does not contain the oily harmful solvent, the smell is small, the environmental pollution is small, can satisfy the ROHS and so on all kinds of EU environmental protection standard.

3 osmotic strength, can penetrate into the pores of the PUD or plating film, and therefore the adhesion is strong, salt fog excellent performance, up to 7 days or more.

4 the coating can be as thin as 5 microns below 3 microns, the monolithic consumption is little, the general one liter coating can produce 2500~~3500 piece mobile cover.

5 simple operation, paint adjustment easy

[construction process]

1 filter cloth filtration with 600-800.

2 with the positive butanol wash spray gun, oil suction pipe, and all the containers will be exposed to the paint. After cleaning the oil suction pipe suction port 600-800 to filter cloth, put it in the bucket

4 spray film thickness 3 micron.

4 spray gun debugging, medium air pressure, the minimum oil amount, spray gun and product range 15— 20 cm, two gun can be.

5 cold leveling time 0.5— 2 minutes

170 6 degree 50 minutes, 180 degrees 30 minutes,

Measurement of oil proof oil of stainless steel shell

UV resistance 300 hours no change. 
Vibration grinding test no change for 3 hours. 
The wear test by 
Salt spray test for more than 800 hours. 
Anti fingerprint humidity 95% or more, fingers, no mark. 
Chemical corrosion test of alcohol wipe 500 times, not open at the end. 
Boiling water boiled 2h.
Style= line-height: " > a hundred grid test 3M 610 tape 90° three times pull up, ≥ 4B.

[imitation electroplating light mobile shell paint using range]

Mobile phone, 3C, digital, electronic industry, hardware tools, building materials, automobile accessories, stationery, high-grade locks,


In use need to use solvent (gun washing water cleaning spray gun, oil suction hose and all will come into contact with paint container, and then ethanol (alcohol) washing and drying. After cleaning the suction bag 500-600 cloth suction tube, it can be placed in the paint bucket.

2, before the operation, need to be painted workpiece surface clean and dry.

3, never use and contact oily coating and oily solvent, nor use oil paints in the vicinity, in order to avoid the film surface cratering, needle & hellip; such defects.

4, oven and curing tunnel furnace must be good ventilation device is installed on the top of the furnace, the purpose of which is to will be inside the furnace water vapor fully removed, so as to make paint dry quickly and fully cured.

5, the above conditions in accordance with the requirements of the process and the operation of the experience to do appropriate correction

6, this product is water-based non combustible goods, should be far from the oily paint, and oil paint is strictly prohibited from the same 1 workshop.

7, the construction environment, should keep air circulation. To avoid contaminated skin or inhalation of excessive spray. Such as sticky skin, apply soap and rinse with water. Such as splashing into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of warm water, and timely medical treatment.

Safety notes:

1, do a good job security, children away from. 
2, the production and processing of the region and warehouse prohibited fireworks. 
3, high temperature heating will produce harmful gas, do not breathe. 
4, as far as possible in the condition of ventilation and exhaust equipment operation. 
5. Please wear protective glasses and gloves when operating. Avoid contact with body.. 
6. Please keep the container in a cool dry place when you are not used.. 
7, do not contact with acidic, alkaline, corrosive and oxide and other harmful liquid.